aboutusThe New School Center for Media is proud to be a professional school with one goal: giving students the training they’ll need to be operational from the start of their career. Our only focus: teaching Multimedia and information technology.

Classes are small, with not more than 20 students, which allows for a continuous interaction between teachers and students as well as between students in a workshop environment. Courses are intensive – over 630, 900 to 1200 hours – with students taking an active part in the learning process as they are encouraged to identify their mistakes and come up with their own solution.

Through the years, The New School Center for Media has developed and refined programs to be consistent with current trends but the basic philosophy of small class size, individual attention and a professional staff has not changed. As with the first graduating class in 1974, graduates are embarking on new careers and aspirations armed with the skills necessary to success in their chosen fields.

Our programs are:

Video Production and Editing: The 1200 hour program is designed to teach through demonstration, practice and lectures how to use Adobe Premier, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. Students learn to use video cameras as well as DSLR..

Music Recording/Audio Specialist: This 1200 hour program teaches professional recording, from running a studio recording session to mixing and post production. Students will become Avid Pro Tools level 110 User and 210 Operator Certified.

Radio and Internet Personality is a 630 hour program: The focus is on developing all aspects of the personality and delivery necessary to be On-Air –Radio, Podcasting and/or Youtube . Students will learn professional production skills, including voice-overs, program development and equipment operation.

The New School Center for Media has relied on the expertise of a leading European higher-education group, IONIS Education Group, to develop its project-based teaching method. Benefiting from IONIS’s nearly 40 years of steady dialogue with different industries, The New School Center for Media combines theory and practice to train job-ready graduates in specific fields of study. Our new programs are:

Basic Programming and Systems Administration is our flagship curriculum in 1200 hours as software developers are in great demand in virtually all industries. Students who successfully complete this program can seek added competence by taking Advanced Programming and Systems Administration the following year.

Web design Technology is at the heart of digital communication for companies small and large that want to convey their message to prospects and customers. Video production and editing as well as animation, including special effects, are the new frontier of visual communication.

VFX Technologies: The objective of this 940-hour program is to give students the ability to operate at a professional level in visual effects creation in order to meet clients’ need to add a sophisticated dimension to their film or video production, whether for entertainment or to enhance their visual presentation.

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