New School Center For Media Will Give Your Voice The Boost With Our Radio and Internet Personality Courses

At the New School Center for Media, we believe in giving our students the tools so that they are able to succeed in the career field of their choice. As our jobs become more integrated with technology and visual mediums, we believe it is crucial that we are able to equip our students with the skills so that they can progress upwards along with their careers. In the tech industry, it comes into contact with a variety of industries. If you ever wanted to be a radio or internet personality, then you’ll find you’ll come into contact with lots of tech in your day to day job tasks. It is why we offer a course for our students in becoming an on-air radio and internet personality.

If you’re a student that is looking to enroll in on-air radio and internet personality classes in Albany, NY then the New School Center for Media can offer you the answers you are looking for, by giving you the education and tools that will aid you in your search for a job as a radio or internet personality, or other audio intensive fields. This course is done in 6 modules and over 640 hours, the program includes extensive use of Adobe Audition for the creative and learning process. Practices are intensive and students will be required to achieve a professional level for all of the Adobe Audition applications once they have completed the course.

The program is an assignment driven one any student that successfully completes our courses will have the skills required to work in the industry. Students will spend about 25% of their time in the course and the remaining 75% will be spent in the studio with instructors with extensive training and experience in the industry-leading the course you will gain hands-on experience in the field. Our students will concentrate on announcing and commercial production, they will study programming, music selection, along with the basics of radio newscasting. Voice training will be apart of your training and our instructors will work in ad-lib development and work to building your on-air personality during the course of the six months. By the end of the program, students will work to create a demo reel which they will be able to use to apply for jobs in the future.

The New School Center for Media strives to always provide a high-quality education for our students. Our courses are there to become the tools you can use in your future career search that can lead to promising careers in high demand industries. If you are looking for on-air radio and internet personality courses in Albany, NY you should consider giving us a call at (518) 438-7682 to find out more information about our web design course, or feel free to follow us on social media to get further updates about our programs, ongoing classes, and student life.