Providing Our Students With The Tools They Need To Succeed In The Career Field Of Web Design

The New School Center for Media believes in giving its students the tools to succeed in their future career endeavors. As the job force moves to more visual and technological integration, it is imperative that we equip our students with the skills that they can use to progress in their career trajectory. There are plenty of avenues to take when you are working with tech, many times people associate a career in the tech industry something they could only do if they learn how to code, or do programming. While those are options, the tech field has plenty of career paths for those who are more creatively inclined. It is why we offer our students courses in Web Design, Video Editing, Visual Effects Design, and UX Design.

If you’re a student looking to enroll in digital visual creation and web design classes in Albany, NY then The New School Center for Media can offer you the solution you are looking for by giving you the education and tools you need that will aid you in your search for a job as a web designer, or other creative fields.

The objective of our course is a 940 hour program that will give our students the ability to master a professional level comprehension in digital visual creation and web design, in order to help meet a potential employers need to help represent the image of the message of their business or product through a wide range of digital support programs. Our programs utilize an extensive use of Adobe Creative Cloud for learning to create visual content, and the usage of PowerPoint to create multimedia presentations and data visualization for companies. You will learn the fundamentals of web design and web integration and be able to develop your skills through hands-on lab work experience with our highly trained instructors who have accumulated years of experience within the profession.

By the end of the program, our students will be given a final project similar to something they would be assigned to a task they would receive in the job field. Students will be tested on their proficiency and mastery of their skills over the course of the program as our course is divided into eight modules that will ensure mastery of the skills and will lead to our students creating a portfolio that they can turn around and present to potential employers in the future when they begin their job hunt after leaving our school.

The New School Center for Media strives to always provide a high-quality education for our students. Our courses are there to become the tools you can use in your future career search that can lead to promising careers in high demand industries. If you are looking for web design courses in Albany, NY you should consider giving us a call at (518) 438-7682 to find out more information about our web design course, or feel free to follow us on social media to get further updates about our programs, ongoing classes, and student life.