Campus Life

The New School Center for Media is a commuter school, which comes with a number of advantages. First and foremost, the financial benefits. For those in the area, you won’t have to pay extra for a dorm room or campus housing. Students can still enjoy meals at home and all the conveniences (and cost savings) of home life!

Comfort is also a benefit many students enjoy when commuting to school. Commuter students can study in the quiet of their own room, and not be subjected to the sounds and distractions of dorm life. Students also don’t have to share a space with a roommate (or roommates) or wonder about the safety issues associated with on-campus living.

Living and Transportation

For those who may be moving to the area and looking for temporary housing, options include extended stay hotels, AirBnB, or apartments both nearby, or accessible by mass transit.

Since the The New School Center for media is located in Albany, NY – there are many convenient forms of nearby transportation. The CDTA but rout literally stops on the corner, once an hour. There is also ride sharing available from both Lyft and Uber. Buses also run to and from NYC daily, and tickets can be found for under $50.

Here is a look at the CDTA Bus Route, showing the New School Center for Media’s Location on Computer Drive West:
bus route to new school center for media

Attending The New School means students are not restricted to on-campus activities or school functions. With so many nearby attractions, and easy access to mass transit, finding entertainment, food, or shopping needs couldn’t be easier. Outside of class, students can come and go as they please and still have their “outside of school” life they may be used to.

Visit the New School Campus

Come and see for yourself how much we have to offer by registering for a tour of the campus. And if you’re unable to visit us in person, be sure to explore the campus from wherever you are via our virtual tour, and explore the video testimonials from former students!