Coding 100 Hour Course


The purpose of these 100-hour courses is to give you the coding skills in Python or Java that would complement your IT knowledge.


Learn the basics about Python, a general-purpose programming language, with a large standard library which gives access to many tools used for a range of different tasks such as applications, data mining and machine learning. These skills may be a valuable complement to your coding knowledge.

Learn how Python supports data structure, stacks, queues, lists and allows to organize Python files and access Libraries. Lab projects include coding in Python, creating a calculator in Python, basic PC and VM setup, how to access research libraries and how to create a website using the Python-based Flask framework.


Student will be able to program in Python and use Python-based Flask framework, and be able to create a simple web application


Learn how to code in Java, a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that can run on all platforms without recompilation. Java is used in many Android applications that are compiled to bytecode or instruction set that run through Java virtual machine (JVM).

Learn Java features, such as arrays, loops, functions, objects and compiling in Java. Projects include coding in Java, how to set up a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and develop an application in Java, such as a four-player card game simulator


Student will be able to program in Java, use JVM and develop an application for Android environment