Coding 600 Hour Course


The objective of this 600-hour program is to provide students with the coding knowledge, skills and hands-on training required to code at a professional entry level in Python and Java computer languages. The program is assignment-driven so that students who complete it successfully will have the skills required to work as a coder in a range of industries.

The program includes:

  • Introduction to C, a general-purpose computer programming language that supports structured programming and is the introduction to algorithms. The course explains trees, strings, parsing, lists, loops and other features.
  • Coding in C++ and introduction to object-oriented programming, composition over inheritance, basic architecture principles and layer abstraction
  • Coding in Python, the high-level, general-purpose programming language with a syntax that uses fewer lines of code than C++ or Java. Python is used to build server-side web applications with JavaScript on the browser side. The course includes using Flask as a web framework.
  • Learning SQL to communicate with database and web programming, including network security.
  • Coding in Java to develop Android applications; set up a Java virtual machine.