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Broadcast Journalism & Social Networks - New School Center for Media Multimedia Broadcast Journalism & Social Media Course offered at New School Center for Media in Albany, NY. For more information visit, https://newschoolalbany.edu/programs/ or call 518.438.7682 to schedule a tour!
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From shooting a “stand-up” and creating a News, Sports or Weather reporting feature to anchoring or hosting your own “show”, this program is the essential piece for anyone aspiring to be a professional TV, Video Broadcasting, Multi-Media Broadcasting or Internet Broadcasting Host/Personality. Whether your passion is developing a professional delivery as a Podcaster, YouTube Channel Host, Broadcast Journalist or Internet presenter/ personality, this program provides the high-level training that is not generally part of a standard academic degree. It is well suited for students currently studying in an Associate or Bachelor Degree Program or attending this program post graduate.

Career Choices with a Multimedia Journalism Education

Broadcast journalists deliver the news to the public in a variety of formats, including radio, television, and the Internet. They are our trusted sources for the events that shape our lives and our world. A broadcast journalism career can put you in the thick of changing and evolving world events, including politics, the environment, wars, social unrest, or the ups and downs in the nation’s, and the world’s, economy.

Obtaining professional training and skill sets for multi-media and broadcast journalism can help prepare you to enter the workforce and make a difference in the lives of your audience.

Program Outline – Multimedia Journalism (630 Hours)

The Program prepares the graduate to begin a career as a:

  • On- Camera Multi-Media Reporter
  • On-Camera Multi-Media Anchor
  • Multi Media Journalist (MMJ) for News, Sports or Meteorology for Broadcast or Web

The Program covers:

  • News and Sports Writing
  • Interviewing
    • Voice Training
  • On-Camera Presentation Training for Reporting & Anchoring
  • Camera Operation / Shot Composition
  • Lighting in the Field
  • Microphones in the Field and Studio
  • Professional Digital Video Editing: Edius
  • Professional Demo Reel
  • Internship

Through theory and practice students are trained in all aspects of becoming professional Multi-Media Journalist’s for Broadcast or the Web. Graduates will possess the skills necessary to become employed upon graduation. The program focuses on both on-camera delivery skills and the behind-the-scenes technical aspects. In this era of job consolidation, the ability to function as an “MMJ”, Multi Media Journalist is essential. Graduates must be able to work as a reporter, videographer and editor. Students will learn the building blocks of identifying a good story, writing, scripting and delivering in both the studio and the field.

Included in the program is extensive development in news writing for TV and Internet, voice training, vocal delivery and on-camera presentation. Students are trained for presenting in every medium including on-camera, radio and podcast.

A thorough understanding will be gained in the areas of camera operation, videography and digital video editing. Students are trained in the use of the latest professional level editing programs including Edius.

Daily, students gather, write and deliver news, sports and weather for television, internet and radio, functioning as street reporters and news anchors. Performance is constantly monitored and assessed by broadcast professionals. Students spend 75% of each class working in the studios or field covering real stories, often shoulder-to-shoulder with local reporters. Twenty five percent of each class is devoted to lecture and personal critiques. Classes simulate a “real world” working environment and independence is stressed.

At the conclusion of this course students will produce a final tape or “demo reel” with which to demonstrate skills to prospective employers. The course concludes with an externship appropriate to student interest and ability. This program has been highly successful in graduates entering the field of Broadcast Television shortly after graduation.

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