Program Outline – Multimedia Production & Social Networks (630 Hours)

Broadcast Journalism & Social Networks - New School Center for Media Multimedia Broadcast Journalism & Social Media Course offered at New School Center for Media in Albany, NY. For more information visit, or call 518.438.7682 to schedule a tour!

Program Description

This in-depth program covers all aspects of identifying, creating and marketing a professional promotional campaign. From goal identification and marketing strategy, through the creation of the written and produced video content, the graduate will learn to create sophisticated video productions of the highest caliber.

Marketing strategy and the most effective use of social media platforms will be studied in depth. Utilizing working case situations, the student will learn to navigate social media applications to utilize the intricate techniques used to target specific audiences in the most cost effective manner.

In addition, the program will train the student in a real-world, hands-on setting, to create a highly effective marketing campaign for the client and develop the professional level video production skills necessary to produce and manipulate content.

Through the use of the Adobe Suite, emphasis will be on mastering Adobe After effects, Photo Shop, Premier and other programs to create and render high-end video productions. Motion graphics, 3D, animation and cinematic technique will be paramount to the training.

At the completion of the program, the graduate will have the ability and skill sets to design, create and build a marketing campaign for a client. A complete working knowledge of multimedia production and social networks will equip the graduate to build complete campaigns, along with an in-depth knowledge of how to best position the campaign in the vast and pervasive world of social media.

Graduates will leave the program with a professional demo reel along with a complete resume, outlining their expertise in all areas of multimedia production and social network optimization.

Program Covers:

  • Unit 1: In this unit students will be introduced to the principles of still photographyand photo
    manipulation using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Unit 2: During this unit students will learn the basic principles of graphic design and learn the
    differences between Photoshop and other design programs such as with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.
  • Unit 3: In this unit students learn pre-production techniques & writing skills for production.
  • Unit 4: During this unit students learn how to create professional-level video productions.
  • Unit 5: In this unit students learn post-production and how to create powerful videos using Premiere.
  • Unit 6: During this unit students will learn the principles of motion graphics & 2D/3D animation.
  • Unit 7: In this unit students multimedia content integration as they explore web, social media and
    mobile applications.
  • Unit 8: During the final unit, students will create a final portfolio and prepare for jobs/internships.

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