Music Recording /Audio Production Albany

Music Recording /Audio Production

New School Graduates at Work Series: Meet Cameron Proctor Watch this short testimonial from a graduate of New School Center of Media located in Albany, New York. Cameron shares how the audio program he received certification in teaches more than pro tools. The program covered all the basic from mic placement to even the physics of sound. For more information of programs offered at New School visit,

1200-hour program – 6 modules

“It’s not just about the knowledge, it’s about the know-how”

Course Objective: To train individuals in the recording arts including, broadcast production, music production, sound reinforcement, audio-for-video, and other methods of post-production.

When students successfully complete this 1200-hour, six module program, they will be certified in Avid Pro Tools. Upon completion of levels 101, 110, 201 and ,210 students will be receive User and Operator Certifications from Avid and recognized on their web site.

The program is assignment-driven so that students who complete it successfully will have the skills required to work in music recording and audio production. Students spend 75% of each class working in studio production broadcast material, editing in post-production, mixing and recording musicians and 25% of each class is devoted to demonstration, lecture and personal critique.

A school day starts with a session where the teacher explains the basics of a given subject and answer students’ questions. Most the time course is devoted to project-based, hands-on assignments under the guidance of a teacher.

Throughout the class there will be performance exercises that include instructor feedback. We highly stress group participation and during the last module each student will create a “demo reel” which they will use when applying for a job.

The one-year course covers 6 modules:

  • Basic Broadcast Production
  • Fundamentals of Sound, Analog Gear
  • Pro Tools & Studio Production
  • Music Theory, Music Business
  • Audio for Video Post-Production
  • Portfolio creation



All Students are required to purchase the most recent Avid Pro Tools Books: 101, 110, 201, 210 through the school.

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