Music Recording /Audio Production Albany

600 Hour Programs : Web Design and Development


This course is based on tutorials, documents and other resources provided by AVID, the software developer of PRO TOOLS professional audio and music engineering and editing. The program prepares students to take AVID Pro Tools certification

The program includes:

  • Learn Audio Engineering Fundamentals such as Frequency Bands, Harmonic Content, and Dynamic Range
  • Install audio equipment and record different audio sources using different mics and techniques; incorporate hardware adding recording interface like MIDI controllers, external preamps, hardware synths and outboard gear
  • Learn music theory fundamentals for audio engineers; implement the Pentatonic scale and work with rhythm.
  • Learn sound and music production
  • Learn Pro Tools fundamentals and work with AVID PRO TOOLS hardware systems
  • Edit and fine-tune Audio and MIDI; advanced MIDI production
  • Learn to master Pro Tools 101, 110, 201 and 210, practice tests and take AVID PRO TOOLS certification¬†

This course is offered with distance learning by our school in Albany, NY, New School Center for Media