Who is This Program for?

For anyone interested in becoming a Professional Recording Engineer, this program is for you. Whether your goal is working in a Music Recording Studio in New York, LA, or Atlanta, or someday owning your own Recording Studio, this program provides complete hands-on training in all aspects of Sound Engineering and Recording. Part two of the program focuses on Music Producing and ProTools Certification. At The New School, you will become certified by AVID as a Music Recording Engineer at the 200 level, the professional standard worldwide. Whether it’s general Audio Production, Music Recording, Advanced Audio Production, becoming a Sound Engineer for setting up and operating live sound at indoor or outdoor venues or becoming a Professional Recording Engineer, this program will immerse you in every area of Audio Production.


New School Graduates at Work Series: Meet Cameron Proctor Watch this short testimonial from a graduate of New School Center of Media located in Albany, New York. Cameron shares how the audio program he received certification in teaches more than pro tools. The program covered all the basic from mic placement to even the physics of sound. For more information of programs offered at New School visit, https://newschoolalbany.edu/programs/
Music Recording Engineering Instruction Room Virtual Tour

Career Choices and Opportunities

  • Audio Session Engineer
  • Music Producer
  • Live Sound Tech
  • Audio Post Production Engineer for Film and Video
  • Corporate and Venue Audio Specialist

Program Outline – Music Recording Engineering & Advanced Audio Production (1200 Hours)

The Program covers:

  • Recording Engineering
  • Live Studio Recording Sessions
  • Setting up and Tracking the Band
  • Pro-Tools Certification – 200 level for Music Recording (Professional Standard)
  • Commercial Production
  • Audio Post Production for Film or Video
  • Foley
  • Midi
  • Music Theory
  • Mixing, Processing and Mastering
  • Producing
  • Beat-Making
  • Automatic Dialogue Replacement for Film
  • Professional Demo Reel

Semester I: Professional Recording Engineering

This part of the program trains students to acquire skills to pursue a career in music and audio production, sound design for film and television, and live sound reinforcement. Students focus on the fundamental production techniques of tracking, recording, editing, mixing, processing and mastering music. Also covered in-depth are capturing and manipulating sound for multimedia, broadcast, and entertainment applications. In addition to production and sound reinforcement, students will also learn about music theory, acoustics, music business, critical listening skills, and the process of manufacturing a product.

Facilities at The New School are State-Of-The-Art. Each student has their own fully functional production station, complete with AVID ProTools. The recording environment includes the “live recording Studio” where musicians set up their gear and perform. Post production is handled in our fully equipped professional tracking and post production studio. The heartbeat of the Post Production Studio is the AVID C-24 audio control surface.

Music recording techniques, post-production skills and studio methodology are the cornerstones of the program. Students will spend approximately 25% of class time in lecture, and 75% putting into practice the skills and methods they learn in lecture. Accountability and independence is stressed, and the class is held in a “real-world” studio recording and post-production environment.

Upon completion of this semester students will be qualified as recording engineers for music, audio post-production for film and video, broadcast television audio, Internet audio and radio audio production.

Semester II: Producing & Pro-Tools Certification

Students move into the Advanced Audio Production half of the program where through theory and practice they will become certified Professional Recording Engineers on AVID Pro Tools HD. Additional areas of study include music and sound recording in the studio and field, music producing, music mastering, music theory, music composition and the business of music. Also covered in-depth is digital and analog audio equipment operation for studio and live applications, the art of mixing, audio-for-video post-production and basic electrical repair and assembly.

Students will write, record, produce, mix and master full band and studio productions along with individual musical compositions. A wide variety of exercises and projects including diverse musical genres and audio-for-video post-production brings students into real-world recording studio experiences.

A significant portion of the Advanced Audio Production semester is dedicated to providing students with official AVID Pro Tools HD Certification. Through the school’s partnership with AVID, Pro-Tools certification in Music Recording to the 200 level is offered. The 200 level is the recognized professional standard worldwide.

Demo Reel

Graduates of this program will have an online “engineer’s” portfolio including a demo reel with which to showcase their skills in varied fields of audio production.

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