Who is This Program for?

Ever considered working “on-the-air” as a Radio or Internet Personality? How about producing and hosting a professional Podcast or YouTube Channel and broadcasting to the entire world?  If so, this is the program that can help make that happen. No matter how easy it looks, when you’re watching your favorite personalities on the web, making it “professional” is what can make it really happen!

Career Choices with this Program

This program covers complete voice training, ad-lib development, personality and style development and complete broadcast production skills along with every aspect of becoming an On-Line Personality, Internet Personality, Internet Show Host, Radio Talk Show Host or becoming an actual Radio Personality.

Program Outline – Radio and Internet Personality (630 Hours)

This program trains the student in a “real-world-setting”, all aspects of entertaining, across a wide range of media disciplines. Included is Radio Personality, Podcasting, creating your own professional YouTube Channel and even Mix or Club DJ. The aspiring Media personality will train as a Media Professional and be ready to launch a career upon graduation.

The Program covers:

  • On-Air Radio/Internet Personality
  • On-Camera Entertainment Television Personality (elective)
  • Voice talent for commercials, long format video and film
  • Professional voice training
  • Podcasting
  • Mix/Club DJ
  • Program and talent development for creating a YouTube Channel
  • Promotions
  • Creating and Marketing your business
  • Branding
  • Creating your website
  • Professional Demo Reel
  • Internship in Radio or TV

Students will spend approximately 25% of their time in lecture and 75% in actual studio work. Independence is stressed, and classes simulate a “real-world” working environment.

Students may also enter the world of entertainment television with optional training for hosting programs such as music video countdowns, interviews, and talk shows.

At the conclusion of this course students will produce a final “demo” with which to demonstrate skills to prospective employers. The course concludes with an externship appropriate to student interest and desire.