Who is This Program for?

Segment 1:

Ever considered working in the fast-paced world of Broadcast or Network Television? How about creating dynamic video productions for the Web or for a prestigious advertising agency or production company; or covering major sporting events for CNN, ESPN and the like? This unique program trains students in all aspects of operating a Broadcast, Cable or Web Television Station.

In addition, in this segment, students learn all of the foundational skills for “Studio Production”, working as a crewmember for live studio shows, the basics of “Field Production”, “Commercial Production” and “Long Format Video Production”. From lighting to shooting to editing, everything is covered to give the student a rock solid foundation in video/film production.

Segment 2:

If creating high-end, “state-of-the-art”, video and “film like” presentations with pictures and sound is your passion, the second half of the programs brings magic to life. Whether developing content for a YouTube Channel, creating high-end film or video productions or multi-media presentations, complete with animation, motion graphics, cinematic technique and the like, this program you will take your skill set to the professional level. Unleash your passion and your creativity by mastering the tools used everywhere, from production companies and broadcast networks to the motion picture industry. For careers in Video Production, Television Video Production and Multi-Media Video Production, this is the program.

Career Choices

  • Video Producer
  • Multi-Media Specialist
  • Videographer
  • Television / Network Studio Tech
  • Multi-Media Video Producer
  • Graphics Designer / Animator
  • Multi-Media Technician

Program Outline – Television and Advanced Video Production (1200 Hours)

The Program covers:

  • Television Studio Operation
  • Field Production for News, Sports and Entertainment
  • Commercial Production
  • Documentary Production
  • Digital Video Editing – Adobe Premiere
  • Motion Graphics – Adobe Suite
  • 3D
  • Animation
  • Cinematic Technique
  • Professional Demo Reel

Segment I: Television Production & Studio Operation

The Television/Video Production Program is an extensive hands-on program where students participate in television productions in fully equipped studios and on location shoots.

In this semester, through demonstration, practice and lecture students acquire the necessary skills to pursue a career in all aspects of Television Station operation. Television commercial production, field production, studio production and documentary production for entertainment, news and sports are all studied in detail. Students will also master the use of professional video editing software and acquire a thorough working knowledge of the industry standard for film and video.

A full understanding is also gained in the operation of the various pieces of equipment used in producing live television entertainment, news, sports and interview shows. The concepts for creating professional level personal internet television shows are also covered.

Segment II: Advanced Video Production & Motion Graphics

If you ever wanted to work in the Multi-Media, Film or Television industry – this program is for you!

During the second semester of the program students will study advanced video production including cinematic technique in videography, motion graphics, animation, graphic design and still photography. Building on the skill sets studied and developed in the first semester of the program, students continue to grow as independent content producers. Students’ will hone their skills and further their ability to cover an event, shoot creative video and acquire professional audio as well as write, produce and edit the production; resulting in a professional final product.

State-of-the-art graphic techniques are taught in a “hands-on” environment. Using Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premiere and other programs, students learn to master picture and content manipulation to create high end video productions. Advanced techniques used by graphic artists and content producers are studied and used in a real-world studio setting. Approximately 75% of the students’ time is spent in actual content production, 25% in lecture.

Graduates of this program will acquire the skills to brand themselves and create high-end artistic video and graphic productions as well as work behind-the-scenes in a television station or network. The program culminates with a professional portfolio/demo reel.

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