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Television and Mutimedia Video Production - New School Center for Media Ever considered working in the fast-paced world of Broadcast or Network Television? How about creating dynamic video productions for the Web or for a prestigious advertising agency or production company; or covering major sporting events for CNN, ESPN and the like? This unique program offered by The New School Center for Media in New York trains students in all aspects of operating a Broadcast, Cable or Web Television Station. For careers in Video Production, Television Video Production and Multi-Media Video Production, this is the program! Find more information here,

1200-hour program – 6 modules

“It’s not just about the knowledge, it’s about the know-how”

For: Video Producer, Video Editor, Associate Web Editor

This 1200-hour program with six modules prepares students to shoot and edit videos as well as create visual content for the Web and a range of digital supports.

The course spans six modules. It includes extensive use of Adobe Creative Cloud for learning through creating visual content pour the web, whether it is for a company, a publication or an association.

Practice is intensive with the students required to achieve a professional level for Adobe Cloud applications and with video equipment and editing tools.

The program is assignment-driven so that students who complete it successfully will have the skills required to work as a visual content creators and video editors.

A school day starts with a session where the teacher explains the basics of a given subject and answer students’ questions. Most the time course is devoted to project-based, hands-on assignments under the guidance of a teacher. For the last module, students will have to create a “demo reel” which they will use when applying for a job.

The one-year course covers 6 modules:

  • Introduction to video and audio tools and equipment, video for Social Networks
  • Video production in house and in the field
  • Photoshop, After Effects creation
  • Photography
  • Editing with Premiere Pro
  • Portfolio creation


Software required: Adobe Creative Cloud: $19.99 per month

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