Alvis Mosley

After my internship I got hired by an international company filming kids from different cultures doing virtual field trips. We got to travel to Guatemala, Tanzania, Spain and other parts of Europe

Bryan Batcher

The New School changed my life. Absolutely flipped it upside down and I couldn’t be happier about it. Thanks again for all the work you do for us and for helping me get where I needed to go in my career.

Danielle Espinola

There was never a dull moment at the New School. We were always being challenged and the challenges reflected real-life situations. That’s the best way to learn. Not by reading from a book and being tested on it, but experiencing it yourself. I truly enjoyed it.


I learned the basics that are necessary to get my first job at the New School. Before I even graduated I had my first part-time radio gig. I couldn’t have been happier with my experience at New School. It took a lot of time for me to break out of my shy shell and between acting classes and New School, I was able to break out and reach a dream that I’ve had since I was 12. You are not owed ANYTHING. You need to work hard to get your dream job. I’ve witnessed so many people come into our building and not want to do anything. You may see celebrities in Hollywood hit the spotlight in what seems like overnight – read their bios. Hard work, persistence, dedication, molding your craft… follow the same path and you can only win.

Nick Johnston

I was one of the first meteorological students to pass through the halls of The New School. My professors did a good job of preparing me for the ‘real world’ of media and got the demo reel that landed me my first on-air job. The teachers’ local connections to media outlets made it easy to secure a local internship in the desired field. In the job hunt, New School was also there to help with resumes, cover letters, and recommendations. New School has all the tools you need to set you up with a career in media, and there probably isn’t a quicker or cheaper way to do it.

Cassandra Secor

As soon as I left the New School and went to CBS6 to intern I fell right into the swing of things there. I was so amazed at how much New School and a real news station were so similar. I loved New School and wish I could do it all over again! They get you prepared for everything that can come your way. Also, if you were scared to do something you had to do it, no getting around it, because it was going to be your job. This helped by getting over the nervousness, and just having to do it made you learn and feel comfortable with being on or behind the camera.