Web Design 600 Hour Course


This program is based on creative and development software in the ADOBE Creative Cloud Suite. The program has been developed using the tutorial resources and documents developed by ADOBE, the leading software company in the creative field.
The program includes:

  • ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and how to sample colors, crop and tone to create a poster. Practice working with Liquify, Puppet Warp, Blurs, Filter Galleries to improve a photo montage. Prepare images for web, print, and video.
  • ADOBE PREMIERE for video editing and create a short montage video sequence. Learn three-point editing with moving and dragging clips. Create a long video sequence with a video camera, a smartphone or GoPro.
  • Learn animation with ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS and create a trailer for your portfolio, using 3D features and advanced animation techniques.
  • Develop your creative potential with ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, export artboards for web or print; create artwork and design characters for a children’s book.
  • Use ADOBE InDESIGN to create visuals for hard supports such as flyers, banners or brochures. Learn printing techniques and how to export artwork.
  • Build a website using ADOBE DREAMWEAVER and learn front-end languages, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, to create a webpage and a website
  • Learn how to create animation with ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS.